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If you would like to volunteer for the SGC Welcome back to swimming invitational meet complete the below Blue Card form and  click here to register as a volunteer


As part of the Swimming Gold Coast "Child Protection Risk Management" framework a Blue Card is required, and it is an expectation that 'Working with Children' blue card details are kept current. Please fill in the following details to ensure our register is maintained and up to date.
**Note. its pretty simple to fill this form on your phone and take a photo of your blue card for upload (make sure your phone camera is set to Low Res otherwise the photo file will be way to large)

Blue Card Register Details

Details for each Australian State related to "Working with children in Australia" can be found here

To complete an application (or renewal) for a blue card in Queensland click here

Alternatively if you are a member of the Swimming Gold Coast technical officials or Committee you can contact John Whale (secretary) for assistance in completing your renewal or application.

Exemption Cards
When do I need to apply for an exemption card?
Registered teachers and police officers remain exempt from requiring a blue card or exemption card when providing regulated child-related services as part of their professional duties (e.g. teaching at a school or boarding facility or providing a function as a serving member of the Queensland Police Service).
However, when providing regulated child-related services which fall outside of their professional duties, registered teachers and police officers must now apply for an exemption card. Examples of this include where a police officer is volunteering at a local sporting club or community group and / or a registered teacher is working in a child care center or private tutoring business.

For detailed information relating to an exemption card please click here

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