Di Daw Appointed as Life Member

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At the recent Annual General Meeting of Swimming Gold Coast a nomination was received for the induction of Di Daw as life member to Swimming Gold Coast.  This was accepted and at the SGC SC Winter Championships presented a token thank you for the work and commitment to swimming that Di has given to the region of Swimming on the Gold Coast. Di first became involved in swimming in 1999 when her family joined Jimboomba Swimming Club.  Di was herself a timekeeper and worked tirelessly for the committee of the Jimboomba Swimming Club.

After a few years with Jimboomba Di became involved with the regional association.  In 2005/6 Di was elected in her first role as Secretary for the region and continued in various roles with the region up until 2017.  Her many and varied positions on the committee included Secretary, Race Secretary, Registrar, Chief Recorder and Vice President.  Di also helped on many instances in development in selections of teams and as Team Managers on various camps.

Di also maintained the recording equipment for the region and assisted in the recording tents of many gold coast meets.  Her knowledge on all things recording is second to none.  Di is a highly respected technical official in among all her other various roles.

Di was previously awarded the Swimming Queensland Award of Excellence and just recently also appointed a Life Member of Swimming Queensland.

On behalf of Swimming Gold Coast we would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication to swimming and the region of Swimming Gold Coast.

Thank you Di.

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