Michelle Sabotic appointed as life member

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At the recent Annual General Meeting of Swimming Gold Coast a nomination was received for the induction of Michelle Sabotic as a life member to Swimming Gold Coast. This was accepted. The following is the nomination received on behalf of All Saints Swim Club.

Michelle Sabotic (All Saints). Nominated by Leigh Monahan (All Saints)

To Swimming Gold Coast
I would like to nominate Michelle Sabotic as a life member of Swimming Gold Coast.I believe Michelle exceeds all the criteria to obtain life membership and has been an integral part of The All Saints Club since its inception some 23 years ago. Michelle has without a doubt been the lifeblood of our club and over the years has touched many people’s lives.

Since my son first joined All Saints back in 2006 I have witnessed firsthand the dedication of Michelle and her commitment to the sport. Whilst being a new swim parent back then we were guided by Michele’s laid back advice and her assistance and guidance any time a new milestone was reached. I know how much time she put into my child’s development and when I multiply that by the number of swimmers and parents she has helped over the years the numbers would be staggering and the time outlaid would be unaffordable to any but the richest of organizations.

Within the club Michele works tirelessly and since I have been with the club Michele has held the role of registrar. I don’t know what a normal registrar does but in the case of Michele it also seems to take on a umber of other functions within the club. Michelle is responsible for our annual carnivals that seem to always run smoothly but in the background Michelle is ticking off the boxes ensuring everyone is organized and working towards the common goal. If that isn’t enough she still seems to find the time to knock out the best profiteroles on the coast to make sure the officials are well fed. Add to this weekly club nights that are well organized, end of year presentations that have trophies and gifts for the swimmers and of course the dreaded point scores that will be so closely scrutinized are kept up to date by Michelle.

Planning of club trips away, social outings, coaching and of course ensuring the correct amount of wine is in the fridge for Friday night are all just part of what just seems to happen when Michelle is around.

Michelle was made a life member of The All Saints Club 4 years ago in recognition to her outstanding commitment to our club.
Michelle has also held both the Treasurer and the Secretary jobs at a regional level at Swimming Gold Coast for a number of years as well as assisted at countless meets around the region. It is our clubs sincere wish that Swimming Gold Coast recognize Michelle Sabotic for all of her dedication by bestowing on her the honour of life membership.

Yours in swimming
Leigh Monahan
President All Saints Gold Coast

Michelle, on behalf of Swimming Gold Coast we would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication to swimming and the region of Swimming Gold Coast.

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