Vale Tiana Van Burck

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It is with great sadness and heavy heart to inform the Swimming Gold Coast community that last night we farewelled, suddenly, our dear friend Tiana. Tiana was a wonderful lady and supporter of swimming, past President, technical official and Life Member of Swimming Gold Coast, she worked tirelessly for the swimmers on the Gold Coast over many years. She was a great friend to many of us and loved nothing more than to support our clubs and swimmers. Tiana loved a raffle and great comradery was shared on pool deck.
Our thoughts and prayers are with her son, Scott.
Tiana will be greatly missed.

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SGC Regional Relays – QLD Championships

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Dear Swimmer

 2020 SGC Regional Relay Team for 2020 McDonald’s QLD Championships

With the 2020 McDonald’s QLD Championships fast approaching, Swimming Gold Coast are asking for expressions of interest for the Swimming Gold Coast Regional Relay teams.

Regional Relays will take place on Saturday 14th December, the first day of the 2020 McDonald’s QLD Championships, which will be held at Brisbane Aquatic Centre, Chandler. Regional Relays will take place after Club Relays. Swimming Gold Coast will cover the cost of relay team nominations. Minimum age for relay events is 11 years. Swimmers aged 10 years and under are unable to swim up. For more information, please refer to meet information available on the Swimming Queensland website here.

Please note, due to COVID-19, Relay Day will be very different to what has taken place in previous years. Given the size and nature of this event, there are considerable differences to recent events hosted by Swimming Queensland. Prior to submitting your expression of interest, it is important to note the following information for attendees:

  • There is still a requirement to separate spectators from areas in use by Active Participants (i.e. pool deck and Eastern grandstand). This means that in any one session, swimmers, coaches and club/region managers are not permitted to spectate in the Western grandstand.
  • Swimming Queensland will allocate Swimming Gold Coast region manager passes. Swimming Gold Coast are pleased to advise that we have already secured managers for our teams.
  • Relays day will be split into three distinct session:

o   Swimmers aged 11 to 14 years competing in Club Relays, session one, will be unable to access the Eastern Grandstand during session two.

o   Swimmers competing in session one, who are wishing to submit an EOI for Regional Relays, session three, and are selected in our Regional Relay Team, will need to purchase a spectator ticket for session two or leave the venue and return for session three.

o   Sleeman Sports Complex is a large venue with a number of shaded grassed areas that swimmers and their families are able to use during session two if they are wishing to remain at the venue.

  • The seating plan for this event is yet to be finalised as Swimming Queensland are awaiting decisions from Queensland Health. However, spectator tickets will be available specific to each session, at a cost of $5 (plus fees). While the finer details are yet to be determined, there will be a minimum of 1000 seats available per session.
  • Further information for attendees is available on the Swimming Queensland website here.

There is no cost associated with entry for selected participants. All selected swimmers will receive a SGC representative shirt and cap to be worn at the event.  Participants are to make their own way to the event. All swimmers who make themselves available will be awarded 20 bonus points for the Age group awards at the SGC Annual Award Presentations. To express your interest, please complete the Expression of Interest Form by 5pm Thursday 19 November 2020. Please only complete this form if you are available and understand the information for attendees listed above. As this is a team event, your selection on the team is final. There will be no withdrawals as this effects all team members.


  • Swimmer must be an active member of a Swimming Gold Coast affiliated club.
  • Minimum age of entry is 11 years.
  • Times taken into consideration must have been swam at:

o   Any 2019-2020 LC qualifying meet held by a Swimming Gold Coast affiliated club; and/or

o   The 2020 McDonald’s QLD Sprint Championships.

o   School Meets are NOT taken into consideration.

Uniform Sizing Guide

 We will be providing a tank shirt (with SGC commemorative design) as part of your uniform. Sizing guide and style are below to assist you in completing your expression of interest.

What you need to do:

  • Confirm with your coach that it is OK for you to swim as a member of the Swimming Gold Coast Relay Team
  • Fill out the Expression of Interest Form including your uniform sizing which we will use should you be selected for the team

Link to Online Expression of Interest Form

Please note this is only an Expression of Interest to confirm your availability and uniform sizing, and it does not guarantee your selection.

You will be contacted after Monday, 23 November 2020 to confirm if you have been selected in the team.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,

Development Team

Swimming Gold Coast

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Gerry Epstein appointed Life Member of Swimming Gold Coast at 2020 AGM

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On behalf of Swimming Gold Coast, I would like to nominate Gerry Epstein for life membership with Swimming Gold Coast.

Gerry’s association with swimming started back in the 2000’s wherein in the year 2003 Gerry took on the role as Vice President of All Saints Swimming Club and then progressed to President for the period 2004 to 2008. After his association with All Saints Swimming Club, Gerry and his family moved club to Miami Swimming Club and was a valued member as the regional club delegate. Gerry provided many hours of legal advice to the club and the region which was greatly appreciated.

In 2009 Gerry became the President of Swimming Gold Coast for a period of 6 years and then Vice President for 2 years. During Gerry’s many roles within swimming he also worked many days on pool deck assisting the clubs and region.

On behalf of the region we would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication to the sport of swimming. Thank you for your many years of service to the swimming clubs and region of the Swimming Gold Coast.

Kim Cook

Member Helensvale Swimming Club

President, Swimming Gold Coast


Gerry Epstein – Life Member with SGC President Kim Cook


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One minutes silence for Bruce Welch OAM during Gold Coast Championships

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Swimming Gold Coast is saddened at the passing of Bruce Welch OAM. A stalwart of swimming for over 35 years Bruce was instrumental in the development of Gold Coast Technical Officials ranks.

He served on the Swimming Queensland board and was appointed as a GINA referee which is the highest recognition for technical officials in the world.

He was awarded the Order of Australia medal for his service to the sport of swimming.

Bruce was recognised for his significant contribution to swimming at both regional and state levels through life membership of both Swimming Gold Coast and Swimming Queensland.

When Bruce arrived from Victoria many years ago, there where very few accredited Technical Officials on the Gold Coast. As a result of his mentoring, encouragement, advice and support, Bruce’s legacy is a large number of experienced, high calibre Technical Officials on the Gold Coast.

Our thoughts and sympathy are with Bruce’s wife Nancy and their family.

Rest in Peace Bruce.

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Michelle Sabotic appointed as life member

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At the recent Annual General Meeting of Swimming Gold Coast a nomination was received for the induction of Michelle Sabotic as a life member to Swimming Gold Coast. This was accepted. The following is the nomination received on behalf of All Saints Swim Club.

Michelle Sabotic (All Saints). Nominated by Leigh Monahan (All Saints)

To Swimming Gold Coast
I would like to nominate Michelle Sabotic as a life member of Swimming Gold Coast.I believe Michelle exceeds all the criteria to obtain life membership and has been an integral part of The All Saints Club since its inception some 23 years ago. Michelle has without a doubt been the lifeblood of our club and over the years has touched many people’s lives.

Since my son first joined All Saints back in 2006 I have witnessed firsthand the dedication of Michelle and her commitment to the sport. Whilst being a new swim parent back then we were guided by Michele’s laid back advice and her assistance and guidance any time a new milestone was reached. I know how much time she put into my child’s development and when I multiply that by the number of swimmers and parents she has helped over the years the numbers would be staggering and the time outlaid would be unaffordable to any but the richest of organizations.

Within the club Michele works tirelessly and since I have been with the club Michele has held the role of registrar. I don’t know what a normal registrar does but in the case of Michele it also seems to take on a umber of other functions within the club. Michelle is responsible for our annual carnivals that seem to always run smoothly but in the background Michelle is ticking off the boxes ensuring everyone is organized and working towards the common goal. If that isn’t enough she still seems to find the time to knock out the best profiteroles on the coast to make sure the officials are well fed. Add to this weekly club nights that are well organized, end of year presentations that have trophies and gifts for the swimmers and of course the dreaded point scores that will be so closely scrutinized are kept up to date by Michelle.

Planning of club trips away, social outings, coaching and of course ensuring the correct amount of wine is in the fridge for Friday night are all just part of what just seems to happen when Michelle is around.

Michelle was made a life member of The All Saints Club 4 years ago in recognition to her outstanding commitment to our club.
Michelle has also held both the Treasurer and the Secretary jobs at a regional level at Swimming Gold Coast for a number of years as well as assisted at countless meets around the region. It is our clubs sincere wish that Swimming Gold Coast recognize Michelle Sabotic for all of her dedication by bestowing on her the honour of life membership.

Yours in swimming
Leigh Monahan
President All Saints Gold Coast

Michelle, on behalf of Swimming Gold Coast we would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication to swimming and the region of Swimming Gold Coast.

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AGM Monday 11th June 2018

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The Annual General Meeting for Swimming Gold Coast will be held on Monday Evening 11th June, starting at 7PM at Lonestar Tavern, Mermaid Waters. Invitations have been distributes and the committee has received some nominations for committee positions. We welcome all registered financial members of any Gold Coast associated club to attend and will take nominations from the floor for those roles that are not yet filled.

There will be a light dinner served following the AGM and then the first General Meeting with the newly appointed committee will follow.

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Join the growing number of Swimming Technical Officials – Does your swimming club have trained officials?

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Swimming, similar to many other sports, relies heavily on volunteers. Swimming competitions and events are important to the development of our swimmers and unfortunately, without the assistance and guidance of technical officials, these events cannot be run.

Becoming a technical official is rewarding and an excellent way to contribute to the sport, spend time with your children, create great friendships and gain professional development.

The Nationally accredited training programs are delivered by the State and Territory Swimming Associations. To register your interest or find out further information on undertaking technical official education, please contact Sharon Wicking, Chief Technical Official, Gold Coast Region.

The track to becoming an official is explained in detail here

You can find links to the list of online courses and study material here

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Terry Gulliver Appointed as Life Member

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At the recent Annual General Meeting of Swimming Gold Coast a nomination was received for the induction of Terry Gulliver as a life member to Swimming Gold Coast. This was accepted and at the SGC SC Winter Championships we today present a token thank you for the work and commitment to swimming that Terry has given to the region of Swimming on the Gold Coast.

Terry Gulliver has been involved in Gold Coast swimming since 1975-the year he boldly predicted the Gold Coast would become the mecca of Australian swimming. In those days the coastal strip had just three clubs, Southport, Mermaid Beach and Aquinas all operating out of the Gold coast’s only competition pool at Southport.

Terry Gulliver was the first coach at the Miami Pool. He subsequently initiated the formation of four swimming clubs—Kennedy Pacific in 1976, Gullivers Benowa, Gullivers Robina and Gullivers Coomera in 1998.

Since 1975 Terry Gulliver has been a regular contributor at Swimming Gold Coast management meetings and over the years has been responsible for a number of innovations in regional swimming including the establishment of Gold coast winter titles the first of which were staged at his Benowa pool.

In the field of coaching terry Gulliver has excelled in the producing young champions including many State champions as well as national Age and National Schools champions. A testament to his coaching lies in the fact that the longest standing gold coast record (33 years) is held by his son Damien set in 1984.

He has been recognised by the World Aquatic Baby Congress as a pioneer of modern baby teaching methods. Terry has actively promoted all aspects of swimming through the print and electronic media.

On behalf of Swimming Gold Coast we would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication to swimming and the region of Swimming Gold Coast.

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Norm Fyffe Appointed as Life Member

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At the recent Annual General Meeting of Swimming Gold Coast a nomination was received for the induction of Norm Fyffe as life member to Swimming Gold Coast. This was accepted and at the SGC SC Winter Championships we today present a token thank you for the work and commitment to swimming that Norm has given to the region of Swimming on the Gold Coast.

Norm first started Time Keeping at Miami when his children were swimming. Over the years he gradually became qualified in all the Technical Swimming Positions. Norm has worked on the pool deck for well over 20 years. Norm has worked at local swim meets, Regional Championships, State Swim Meets (both Age & Open), National Swim Meets (both Age &
Open), all the District, Regional & State School Swim Meets, University Games, Masters Swim Meets, GPS Swimming. He also officiated at the Transplant Games & a Deaf Swim Meet. I am sure there would be others as well.

Norms cheery demeanor was an asset to the pool deck.

Former Swimming Gold Coast Chief Referee Karen Macleod would like to add that:
‘Norm excelled as a Starter and mentored many new Officials in the art of Starting. He has been a wonderful Team Member of the group of Technical Officials on the Gold Coast.’

Norm continued to be involved over the years in various clubs, commencing with Miami in 1993, and is today still involved in All Saints SC

Norm was also the Treasurer for the Gold Coast Regional Swimming
Association from 2005 till 2007.

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Di Daw Appointed as Life Member

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At the recent Annual General Meeting of Swimming Gold Coast a nomination was received for the induction of Di Daw as life member to Swimming Gold Coast.  This was accepted and at the SGC SC Winter Championships presented a token thank you for the work and commitment to swimming that Di has given to the region of Swimming on the Gold Coast. Di first became involved in swimming in 1999 when her family joined Jimboomba Swimming Club.  Di was herself a timekeeper and worked tirelessly for the committee of the Jimboomba Swimming Club.

After a few years with Jimboomba Di became involved with the regional association.  In 2005/6 Di was elected in her first role as Secretary for the region and continued in various roles with the region up until 2017.  Her many and varied positions on the committee included Secretary, Race Secretary, Registrar, Chief Recorder and Vice President.  Di also helped on many instances in development in selections of teams and as Team Managers on various camps.

Di also maintained the recording equipment for the region and assisted in the recording tents of many gold coast meets.  Her knowledge on all things recording is second to none.  Di is a highly respected technical official in among all her other various roles.

Di was previously awarded the Swimming Queensland Award of Excellence and just recently also appointed a Life Member of Swimming Queensland.

On behalf of Swimming Gold Coast we would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication to swimming and the region of Swimming Gold Coast.

Thank you Di.

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