Volunteers running our meet

Please fill in the following form at least One week prior to your meet, notifying the Chief Referee of the volunteers you have running your meet, along with all technical officials you have within your club that will be available on meet day.




Please provide the names of all volunteers assisting with the running of your meet:

(FirstName) (Surname)

Control Room:

Lane Chiefs:
Governed by the number of lanes of the competition pool

Chief Time Keeper 1:

Chief Time Keeper 2:
**required where the session contains 50mtr events**

Mentee Technical Officials
As a mentee technical official you will connect with a technical official mentor who will guide in the operations of pool deck officiating


Medals Presenter:


Certified Club Officials:
Please list all certified club technical officials that will be present during your meet:

(FirstName Surname) or (our club has no certified officials)


Thank you for this information. We are counting the days down until your meet. Upon submission this information will be sent to the Chief Referee of Swimming Gold Coast. If the Chief Referee has any questions they will be in contact with you.

Note: If any of these volunteers are substituted on the day of your meet, please inform the Chief Referee on their arrival.