Equipment Rental Form

The SGC Region rents equipment for running swim meets, to affiliated clubs and other organisations in our region.

Please fill in the following form and accept the terms and conditions of Equipment Rental. Requests for equipment rentals should be lodged at least three weeks prior to your meet, along with your clubs "Request for Officials" form to run your meet. Both of these forms must be submitted regardless of you requiring either additional technical officials or hire equipment.




Please select any equipment you would like to rent for your upcoming meet:

Category 1 Equipment:

Tent Large 6 x 3Number required 1-2:

Tent Small 3 x 3Number required 1-2:

Marshaling ChairsNumber required 1-130:

Marshaling BoardsNumber required 1-2:

Lap CountersNumber required 1-10:

Stop WatchesNumber required 1-13:

Water Cooler
Medal Stand
Medal cushion
Blue MatsNumber required 1-2:

Category 2: PA System:
SpeakersNumber required 1-4:
*Related items in the PA System are included dependent upon the number of speakers requested (i.e. cables, tripods etc)

Category 2: Timing System:
Dolphin Wireless Timing System


Please select form the following acknowledgments:

Upon submission, this rental request is sent to SGC President for their approval, and the regional Equipment Hire Official is also notified.

Upon receipt of rental approval, please contact the regional Equipment Hire Official John Whale 0403 700 682 or email to arrange a mutually convenient time to pick up the equipment from the equipment storage facility at Miami Aquatic Center. Please note preferred collection times: early mornings or late afternoon or weekends.

Upon submission you will receive a copy of this request via email. Please ensure you have that with you for presentation to the Equipment Hire Official when collecting the equipment.

You will be required to sign for the rental equipment received, and also upon its return in good working order.