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Each year Swimming Gold Coast hosts three championship events

  • Winter Championships (short Course)
  • Relay Championships (Long Course)
  • Summer Championships (long Course)

Click on the tab relevant to the event for all criteria including qualifying times.

The 2019 Swimming Gold Coast McDonald’s Winter Championships (Sc) will be held at the Gold Coast Olympic Center Southport with session 1 on Saturday 3rd August and session 2 on Sunday 4th August. The meet registration link, meet flyer as well as a meet iCal link will be published on the calendar entry found via the events page of this website.

Notes for the day:

    1. These championships will be conducted under: the Swimming Queensland General Rules, SQ Championship By-Laws, FINA and SAL rules.
    2. All competitors must, at the time of competing, be registered Competitive Members of a Swimming Club, which is duly affiliated with both its Regional and State bodies.
    3. This Meet is a closed Meet for members that are registered with Gold Coast Swimming Clubs ONLY.
    4. Competitors in the first two events should be in the marshalling area 10 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time of the session. In addition, competitors should be in the marshalling area at least two events ahead of the event in progress. Competitors who do not report as required shall be deemed to be withdrawn. All heats (including heats of the 800m and 1500m Freestyle shall deemed as one event for the purpose of this rule).
    5. In events of 200m or greater, swimmers need not remain in the Marshalling Room once they have reported and been marked off as “contesting the event”. Please note, however, that if swimmers choose to leave the Marshalling Room after reporting, it is their responsibility to ensure they have returned to the Marshalling Room at the commencement of the event preceding the one in which they are entered. (This will ensure there is sufficient time to appropriately assemble swimmers should a re-seed or amalgamation occur).
    6. No unauthorized persons shall enter the marshalling area.
    7. The Pool Deck area must be kept clear to enable all Officials to carry out their duties during the running of the Meet.
      • No person shall walk on the pool deck between the pool end and the timekeepers.
      • No person shall walk along the poolside during any event.
      • No person shall enter the water between races unless instructed to do so by an official.
    8. Heats may be combined at the discretion of the Referee in consultation with the Marshall.
    9. The age of competitors shall be as at the 3rd August 2019. Late entries will be accepted in accordance with the Meet Invite and late fee will be applicable.
    10. Placings will be determined on the three (3) fastest official times recorded in the heats. There will be no finals swum.
    11. At the completion of each heat, swimmers will remain in their lanes until the final swimmer has completed his/her swim and will leave the water when directed to do so by the Referee.
    12. All protests are to be submitted in writing by the responsible team leader together with a $100 deposit with the Referee no later than 30 minutes after the announcement of the results or disqualifications.
    13. The Referee will be the sole arbitrator of all disputes and his/her decision will be final.
    14. In nominating for this Meet, swimmers agreed that they may be photographed by Swimming Queensland, Swimming Gold Coast and the Club approved photographers, that the images may be displayed for viewing and purchasing on site during the Meet and on the photographer’s secure website after the Meet, and that they may also be used by Swimming Queensland, Swimming Gold Coast and the Club at its discretion.
    15. During the session warm up periods dive starts and pacework will be allocated for Lanes 1 and 8.

Competitors Notes:

    1. The ‘one start’ rule will be used at this meet.
    2. The Check Starter will position the swimmers behind their lanes, prior to the start.
    3. The Referee will call the swimmers to their position on their blocks with a long whistle blast.
    4. For Backstroke events the swimmers will enter the water, feet first, on the first long whistle blast. Upon the second whistle, swimmers will assume their starting positions.
    5. The Starter will call “take your marks”; the swimmers will assume their starting positions and remain stationary until the starting device is sounded.
    6. Any swimmer may be disqualified if he/she delays the start or willfully disobeys an instruction from the Starter.


    1. The first three places in each event will be determined by the three fastest OFFICIAL times. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded accordingly. However, medals will not be awarded if the time swum is slower than the required qualifying time for that event.

Medals will be awarded as follows:

All 50m events & 100m IM 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 years & over
All 200IM & 100m events & 200 & 400 Freestyle events 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 years & over
200m Form Stroke & 400m IM 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 years & over
800m Free & 1500m Free 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 years and over

  1. Record certificates will be presented for all new records once they have been ratified. 
  2. Results will be displayed as they become available. They will also be available through Meet Mobile. Please do not approach the Recording area.
  3. Age Champions will be recognised from all events in a swimmers age group. (Except for Open events). A minimum of 4 events in their age group must be swum to be eligible. An individual point score for all placings will be used for these championships.


Multi-Class Events:


  1. Multi-Class Swimmers must be registered as ‘competitive’ swimmers with a Gold Coast Club and have a classification card. Classification number/s must appear in the TM file sent in by clubs.
  2. Classification cards must be sighted by the Chief Referee during Warm-up on the Saturday morning of competition.
  3. Multi-class swimmers without a Classification Card will be allowed to swim as an Exhibition swimmer only. As such, they will not be eligible for a medal.
  4. The events (all four 50m & 100m Free & 100 IM) are for 11 years & Over and run as Open events. There are no qualifying times.
  5. Medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place according to the Swimming Australia Multi-Class Format.

2019 Winter Championships Qualifying Times:
The following lists qualifying times for all events to be raced at these championships.

EventBoys EventsQualifying TimesEventGirls EventsQualifying Times
1Boys 11yrs 200m Free2:40.002Girls 11yrs 200m Free2:40.00
Boys 12yrs 200m Free2:29.00Girls 12yrs 200m Free2:30.00
Boys 13yrs 200m Free2:22.00Girls 13yrs 200m Free2:23.00
Boys 14yrs 200m Free2:16.00Girls 14yrs 200m Free2:18.00
Boys 15yrs 200m Free2:10.00Girls 15yrs 200m Free2:16.00
Boys 16yrs&O 200m Free2:07.00Girls 16yrs&O 200m Free2:14.00
3Boys Open Multi-Class 50m BackstrokeNo QT4Girls Open Multi-Class 50m BackstrokeNo QT
5Boys 8yrs 50m BackNo QT6Girls 8yrs 50m BackNo QT
Boys 9yrs 50m BackNo QTGirls 9yrs 50m BackNo QT
Boys 10yrs 50m Back0:45.00Girls 10yrs 50m Back0:45.00
Boys 11yrs 50m Back0:43.00Girls 11yrs 50m Back0:43.00
Boys 12yrs 50m Back0:40.00Girls 12yrs 50m Back0:40.00
Boys 13yrs 50m Back0:38.00Girls 13yrs 50m Back0:38.00
Boys 14yrs 50m Back0:35.00Girls 14yrs 50m Back0:35.00
Boys 15yrs 50m Back0:34.00Girls 15yrs 50m Back0:34.00
Boys 16yrs&O 50m Back0:33.00Girls 16yrs&O 50m Back0:33.00
7Boys 8yrs 50m FlyNo QT8Girls 8yrs 50m FlyNo QT
Boys 9yrs 50m FlyNo QTGirls 9yrs 50m FlyNo QT
Boys 10yrs 50m Fly0:48.00Girls 10yrs 50m Fly0:48:00
9Boys 11yrs 100m Breast1:37.0010Girls 11yrs 100m Breast1:39.00
Boys 12yrs 100m Breast1:30.00Girls 12yrs 100m Breast1:32.00
Boys 13yrs 100m Breast1:26.00Girls 13yrs 100m Breast1:28.00
Boys 14yrs 100m Breast1:22.00Girls 14yrs 100m Breast1:26.00
Boys 15yrs 100m Breast1:20.00Girls 15yrs 100m Breast1:24.00
Boys 16yrs&O 100m Breast1:18.00Girls 16yrs&O 100m Breast1:24.00
11Boys Open Multi-Class 50m BreaststrokeNo QT12Girls Open Multi-Class 50m BreaststrokeNo QT
13Boys 13yrs 200m Fly2:45.0014Girls 13yrs 200m Fly2:50.00
Boys 14yrs 200m Fly2:38.00Girls 14yrs 200m Fly2:44.00
Boys 15yrs 200m Fly2:34.00Girls 15yrs 200m Fly2:42.00
Boys 16yrs&O 200m Fly2:28.00Girls 16yrs&O 200m Fly2:40.00
15Boys 8yrs 100m IM No QT16Girls 8yrs 100m IMNo QT
Boys 9yrs 100m IMNo QTGirls 9yrs 100m IMNo QT
Boys 10yrs 100m IM1:37.00Girls 10yrs 100m IM1:37.00
Boys 11yrs 100m IM1:27.00Girls 11yrs 100m IM1:27.00
Boys 12yrs 100m IM1:22.00Girls 12yrs 100m IM1:21.00
Boys 13yrs 100m IM1:16.00Girls 13yrs 100m IM1:17.00
Boys 14yrs 100m IM1:12.00Girls 14yrs 100m IM1:16.00
Boys 15yrs 100m IM1:11.00Girls 15yrs 100m IM1:15.00
Boys 16yrs&O 100m IM1:09.00Girls 16yrs&O 100m IM1:14.00
17Boys Open Multi-Class 100m Individual MedleyNo QT18Girls Open Multi-Class 100m Individual MedleyNo QT
19Boys 8yrs 50m BreastNo QT20Girls 8yrs 50m BreastNo QT
Boys 9yrs 50m BreastNo QTGirls 9yrs 50m BreastNo QT
Boys 10yrs 50m Breast0:51.00Girls 10yrs 50m Breast0:51.00
Boys 11yrs 50m Breast0:50.00Girls 11yrs 50m Breast0:50.00
Boys 12yrs 50m Breast0:44.00Girls 12yrs 50m Breast0:45.00
Boys 13yrs 50m Breast0:42.00Girls 13yrs 50m Breast0:42.00
Boys 14yrs 50m Breast0:38.00Girls 14yrs 50m Breast0:41.00
Boys 15yrs 50m Breast0:37.00Girls 15yrs 50m Breast0:40.00
Boys 16yrs&O 50m Breast0:36.00Girls 16yrs&O 50m Breast0:39.00
21Boys 13yrs 200m Back2:47.0022Girls 13yrs 200m Back2:49.00
Boys 14yrs 200m Back2:39.00Girls 14yrs 200m Back2:44.00
Boys 15yrs 200m Back2:36.00Girls 15yrs 200m Back2:43.00
Boys 16yrs&O 200m Back2:31.00Girls 16yrs&O 200m Back2:39.00
23Boys 8yrs 50m FreeNo QT24Girls 8yrs 50m FreeNo QT
Boys 9yrs 50m FreeNo QTGirls 9yrs 50m FreeNo QT
Boys 10yrs 50m Free0:37.00Girls 10yrs 50m Free0:37.00
25Boys 12yrs 400m IM6:20.0026Girls 12yrs 400m IM6:22.00
Boys 13yrs 400m IM6:05.00Girls 13yrs 400m IM6:07.00
Boys 14yrs 400m IM5:45.00Girls 14yrs 400m IM5:47.00
Boys 15yrs 400m IM5:35.00Girls 15yrs 400m IM5:37.00
Boys 16yrs&O 400m IM5:25.00Girls 16yrs&O 400m IM5:27.00
27Boys 12yrs&O 800m Free10:47.0028Girls 12yrs&O 800m Free10:35.00
29Boys 11yrs 200m IM3:07.0030Girls 11yrs 200m IM3:10.00
Boys 12yrs 200m IM2:58.00Girls 12yrs 200m IM2:58.00
Boys 13yrs 200m IM2:50.00Girls 13yrs 200m IM2:52.00
Boys 14yrs 200m IM2:40.00Girls 14yrs 200m IM2:45.00
Boys 15yrs 200m IM2:35.00Girls 15yrs 200m IM2:43.00
Boys 16yrs&O 200m IM2:30.00Girls 16yrs&O 200m IM2:42.00
31Boys Open Multi-Class 50m FreestyleNo QT32Girls Open Multi-Class 50m FreestyleNo QT
33Boys 11yrs 50m Free0:35.0034Girls 11yrs 50m Free0:35.00
Boys 12yrs 50m Free0:32.00Girls 12yrs 50m Free0:33.00
Boys 13yrs 50m Free0:30.00Girls 13yrs 50m Free0:32.00
Boys 14yrs 50m Free0:29.00Girls 14yrs 50m Free0:31.00
Boys 15yrs 50m Free0:28.00Girls 15yrs 50m Free0:30.00
Boys 16yrs&O 50m Free0:27.00Girls 16yrs&O 50m Free0:29.00
35Boys 11yrs 100m Back1:26.0036Girls 11yrs 100m Back1:26.00
Boys 12yrs 100m Back1:21.00Girls 12yrs 100m Back1:22.00
Boys 13yrs 100m Back1:17.00Girls 13yrs 100m Back1:18.00
Boys 14yrs 100m Back1:14.00Girls 14yrs 100m Back1:16.00
Boys 15yrs 100m Back1:12.00Girls 15yrs 100m Back1:14.00
Boys 16yrs&O 100m Back1:10.00Girls 16yrs&O 100m Back1:13.00
37Boys Open Multi-Class 50m ButterflyNo QT38Girls Open Multi-Class 50m ButterflyNo QT
39Boys 11yrs 50m Fly0:40.0040Girls 11yrs 50m Fly0:41.00
Boys 12yrs 50m Fly0:37.00Girls 12yrs 50m Fly0:37.00
Boys 13yrs 50m Fly0:34.00Girls 13yrs 50m Fly0:35.00
Boys 14yrs 50m Fly0:33.00Girls 14yrs 50m Fly0:34.00
Boys 15yrs 50m Fly0:32.00Girls 15yrs 50m Fly0:33.00
Boys 16yrs&O 50m Fly0;31.00Girls 16yrs&O 50m Fly0:33.00
41Boys 11yrs 400m Free5:40.0042Girls 11yrs 400m Free5:40.00
Boys 12yrs 400m Free5:14.00Girls 12yrs 400m Free5:14.00
Boys 13yrs 400m Free4:56.00Girls 13yrs 400m Free5:07.00
Boys 14yrs 400m Free4:51.00Girls 14yrs 400m Free4:58.00
Boys 15yrs 400m Free4:41.00Girls 15yrs 400m Free4:55.00
Boys 16yrs&O 400m Free4:37.00Girls 16yrs&O 400m Free4:52.00
43Boys 11yrs 100m Fly1:25.0044Girls 11yrs 100m Fly1:27.00
Boys 12yrs 100m Fly1:18.00Girls 12yrs 100m Fly1:20.00
Boys 13yrs 100m Fly1:16.00Girls 13yrs 100m Fly1:18.00
Boys 14yrs 100m Fly1:11.00Girls 14yrs 100m Fly1:15.00
Boys 15yrs 100m Fly1:19.00Girls 15yrs 100m Fly1:13.00
Boys 16yrs&O 100m Fly1:07.00Girls 16yrs&O 100m Fly1:12.00
45Boys 13yrs 200m Breast3:05.0046Girls 13yrs 200m Breast3:07.00
Boys 14yrs 200m Breast2:56.00Girls 14yrs 200m Breast3:04.00
Boys 15yrs 200m Breast2:50.00Girls 15yrs 200m Breast3:02.00
Boys 16yrs&O 200m Breast2:47.00Girls 16yrs&O 200m Breast3:00.00
47Boys Open Multi-Class 100m FreestyleNo QT48Girls Open Multi-Class 100m Freestyle No QT
49Boys 11yrs 100m Free1:14.0050Girls 11yrs 100m Free1:14.00
Boys 12yrs 100m Free1:09.00Girls 12yrs 100m Free1:09.00
Boys 13yrs 100m Free1:05.00Girls 13yrs 100m Free1:08.00
Boys 14yrs 100m Free1:03.00Girls 14yrs 100m Free1:07.00
Boys 15yrs 100m Free1:01.00Girls 15yrs 100m Free1:06.00
Boys 16yrs&O 100m Free1:00.00Girls 16yrs&O 100m Free1:04.00
51Boys 13yrs&O 1500m Free19:20.0052Girls 13yrs&O 1500m Free19:45.00
**Event details and Qualifying times coming soon
**Event details and Qualifying times coming soon