Request Inclusion to a Development Event

Thank you for taking the time to let us know that we might have missed someone when considering swimmers for region development events. We do try our best to ensure all those that meet the criteria are included, but from time to time it is possible one falls through the cracks.

Its very important for your swimmers development you first discuss this with their coach. As per the eligibility criteria of some events, "A coach of a club who does not have a swimmer selected for the clinic can nominate a swimmer to attend the clinic provided a coach from the club also attends."

Swim coaches have the ability to request the region to consider additional swimmers to be added to the development camp. The coach will email the regional committee to request consideration with times of the swimmer. Parents are to liaise with coaches regarding selection and addition to any development clinic. If your coach agrees it is in the best interest for your swimmer to attend, then please have them email the region as per above as well as complete the following information.

Upon receipt of this request our development officers will complete a review of the swimmer against the event eligibility, then contact the swimmers coach to discuss the opportunity further. You should continue to stay in contact with your swimmers coach who will be able to inform you of the outcome of this review.

In the event the regions Development Officer as well as their coach determine the swimmer should be included within the event, an invitation to the event will be forwarded to the swimmer for their RSVP.


Please complete the following details related to the swimmer:
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Club the the swimmer is a financial member of:


We have discussed this opportunity with our coach and they agree we should submit this request


Please provide the region with as much detail as possible relating to why you and your coach agree this swimmer should be eligible to attend the above mentioned development event: